“Pluma papel”
means “pen paper” in Spanish.

It’s one of the first phrases I said as a baby. According to my mom, I’d say it over and over again, chasing her around the house until she gave me a blank sheet of paper and something to write with. Making something from nothing was the most badass thing to me as a baby, and it still is.

┬┐Quien soy?
I am a teacher, freelance artist, writer, and lover of technology.

The creation of this blog started as a way to practice web development and focused on writing, but I’ve decided to make it more general and use it as a way to document projects, share thoughts and best practices, and connect with others as I keep learning.

Visual Art
I have a professional art website coming soon, but I’ve also linked my other visual art platforms here like my art Instagram and Facebook page. but I’d also like to use this site as a platform to include resources that I’ve found helpful as a developing artist as well. You can also contact me if you’d like to commission anything or for any questions.

I was able to break into a career in tech after completing the CompTIA trifecta in the summer of 2021. I will provide resources and reflections on my experience that may be helpful to others looking to break into tech and IT and may occasionally share a tech-related project or post.

There’s no such thing as latinidad (a shared Latin-American identity), well, not as a homogeneous identity at least. So why bother bringing it up? There are many conversations happening at the moment about the representation of minority ethnicities and races in art, entertainment, and in companies. I’d like to engage in some of these discussions and provide my perspective as a Mexican-born creator straddling two cultures, knowing I cannot speak for any of my identities at large. Although this won’t be the central focus of this blog and my ideas, it is still a topic that warrants exploration and discussion, especially as to how it relates to the stories we tell and the ideas we exchange.

Paz y fuerza