Stanza III: Polemical Artifact #BD276

“Polemical Artifact #BD276: United by Past and Purpose”
Poster distributed through the Pillar Systems 51 cycles before the Crescendo

Verbal description of artifact provided by the Pillar Bureau of Accessibility

The poster is square, 10 microns x 10 microns

It is made of an inexpensive and uncoated pressed pulp that has been dyed a bright orange


Beneath this, there is an image of four extrics, holding hands. Their individual physical characteristics suggest that each extric is a denizen of Valtura, Asar, Celaro, and Ishtuk—respectively. The figures are all smiling.

In the middle of these figures, there are several lines of centered text which read:

“Have you ever wondered why we measure time in cycles?

What is a cycle? It is the average gestational period of an extric.

The word extric means ‘of one blood’ in Valturan. What is the significance of this to you?

The genetic makeup of all extric subclassifications across the four anchor worlds is 99% identical despite these worlds developing in complete isolation from one another… Why?

The first worlds of the Pillar to have made interstellar contact were the four anchor worlds, planets ruled by our shared species. Why do you think this is?

Despite the disruptive accommodations made for other sentient species, Extrics still produce most of the economic activity and hold a majority of power in the known universe. How do you think this act could threaten this reality?”

There is a break in the text of about one micron. The text continues after this gap.

“These are easy observations to make. These are natural questions to ask. Yet doing so can get you imprisoned and stripped of your voice, rights, and privileges.”

The text beneath this is bold.

“We must fight for the protection and continuation of our interstellar race, chosen by the universe, united by a higher purpose, and armed with unique gifts. We don’t need to make an argument; the universe already has done this for us!


End of document.

Review of Polemical Artifact #BD276
Prepared by [REDACTED]
Bureau of Information—Department of Public Safety

Classification: Inflammatory Propaganda/POL
Recommended Action: Continue to monitor

It is well known that the extric species of the “anchor worlds” do share a common ancestry. There are several credible theories to explain this “seeding” of these sibling species on different worlds, but none have been fully endorsed by the Pillar for lack of evidence that would give one theory significant credence over the others. Despite this lack of scientific consensus, any attribution of special or divine qualities to the extric species is absurd. These are facts that are taught in every Pillar school and should be taught in every protected household. Yet baseless claims like these continue to spread and give fuel for these extric supremacist agitator groups to rise to power.

The hegemony of the extric species in the Pillar thus far has been purely coincidental given its proliferation among these stable and similar resource-rich worlds. That will soon change as more species are discovered and we expand our understanding of intelligent communication and sentient thought. Therefore, the flexibility to expand our classification of privileged sentience will be incredibly important to the Pillar’s expanding sphere of influence and why the fate of this Act and all the propaganda designed to undermine or support it is of the utmost importance.

Yet we have faith that the soundness of our united sciences will eradicate the hollow propaganda raised by this artifact and others like it. Public removal and censure of this artifact will only bolden the group’s claims of repression by the Pillar and lend their lies credibility to their target audiences. They already claim Asar’s repression has taken hold of our systems. This is false.

We shall continue to monitor artifacts like these in the lead-up to the vote on the Pillar Reclassification of Sentience Act.