A Melody for the Nameless

Original Story by Alejandro Avalos Orozco

Note from the Author: This story is both a labor of love and a way for me to experiment with telling stories in new ways. One of my goals was to make this story more accessible by hiring a professional audio narrator to bring the story off the page, the other was to experiment with structures that broke away from the traditional narrative style. There is a very special “version” of this project that I plan on releasing perhaps later this year with a special collaborator – stay tuned for this!

I would like to continue to host this and other future stories on my website without any cost or fees. I have included a link below for anyone who enjoyed this work and would like to leave a tip to go towards funding for future projects like this one. This will make it easier for me to pay other artists and independent creators for any other collaborations,

A Melody for the Nameless is a collection of fragmented memories, artifacts, fables, and myths that together outline the trajectory of Eladyan civilization: its origins, its expansion into the stars, and its eventual destruction. Each story, though separate from the others, recounts how the universe shaped the myths of Asar, and how Asarian myths, in turn, shaped the universe.

First Stanza

Second Stanza

Third Stanza

Fourth Stanza

Fifth Stanza

Sixth Stanza

Seventh Stanza